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The Client

Loggitty is the brainchild of IT consultant Geoff Jackson and web developer Rob Clarkson. The busy business owners wanted a tool that could help with time tracking, job logging and improve the speed and efficiency of invoicing. They couldn’t find an existing product, so they developed Loggitty as an add-on tool to popular accounting software Xero. 

The Brief

Hoping to share their solution with other busy business owners, they asked me to design a professional brand identity and a website for Loggitty.

My Approach

I met with Geoff and Rob to discuss their vision and design needs – they wanted an invoicing system and website which worked smoothly with Xero and Quickbooks, from a technical and visual standpoint. I ensured the design and workings of the website had a similar feel to the well-known accounting systems so that Loggitty was intuitive and easy for the user to find their way around.

I created a modern design, with plenty of white space and clean typography to reflect Loggitty’s main purpose: to make invoicing and time-tracking simple, clear and quick to navigate. I chose blue and green accents for the main call to actions.

The logo I designed for Geoff and Rob features the outline of a clock to clearly illustrate the valuable time-saving advantages of using Loggitty. 


Loggitty Website Design



The Impact

Geoff and Rob were very happy with the results and have recently launched Loggitty (May 2019) for Xero and Quickbooks users.


  • Logo design (Illustrator)

  • Web design (Photoshop)

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