Woodward Partners

Corporate profile for major corporate advisor and research house

The Client

Woodward Partners is a boutique advisory and research house. Based in Wellington, New Zealand they specialise in research and intelligence as well as a corporate advisory service for major companies across many sectors. 

The Brief

Having previously worked on their logo and website design, Woodward Partners engaged my services this time to produce a corporate profile for them. Although the document would primarily be emailed to clients or shown at presentations they wanted it to be suitable for both print and on-line mediums.

My Approach

I decided to work in A4 landscape as it works well both for viewing online and in print. The font size used was slightly bigger than usual to ensure readability across a range of device sizes. Aware how uncomplicated design can often say more I kept a spacious, clean layout. I then added contrasting white and blue panels for a high-end corporate feel. Distinctive stock imagery was sourced and custom icons were added. The finished document was a quality template with multiple uses, completed in a timely manner.

The Impact

The client was really pleased the template carried wide corporate appeal and could be utilised as a communication tool to engage and inform their target audience in a number of ways. Woodward Partners have found the template quick and easy to update which has proven especially useful prior to important meetings.


  • Graphic Design (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

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